One last post before my ‘final’ post goes up.

A month ago during the Easter break I helped up with an University of Portsmouth ‘Up for It’ workshop which took place at Eldon in the main photographic studios. I got involved with this by chance, I got talking to Claudia when she came into the shop I work in and somehow ended up talking to her about where I studied, my degree and eventually the ‘Up for It’ workshops. I can’t remember the exact conversation but I believe initially Claudia was keen to get me to give a small talk to the kids because I have been to local schools in Portsmouth as well as the colleges before staying in the city to take my degree. Russell Squires (one of our very supportive technicians at uni) was running the workshop and seemed more than happy for me to come along both days to assist as well as giving a small chat. 

What started with a random chat in a shop resulted in me getting the chance to help oversee a photographic workshop. I loved every minute! The days were split into a morning session of studio portraits where the kids could use all the available lighting and direct the shoot as they wished with a mixture of props while the second half focused on painting with light and long exposures. The photographs above are from the second day showing what they were up to, I was pretty impressed with how quickly they picked everything up and was more than happy to help when asked. I actually enjoyed that much that I wouldn’t mind being involved in more workshops like this. Photography wasn’t a huge resource when I was at school and was lucky that my art teachers were so inspiring as I think this helped train my eye. I believe Claudia took some photographs on the day of Russell and myself during the workshops, if I find them somewhere I will post them here.