Show at Portsmouth 

We began construction of the space last week which involved moving the boards from the photography department up to our usual lecture room which would become part of our exhibition space. I’m not the only one to think the team is amazing, first day we managed to organise all the boards based on where they were needed, repainted the boards that needed painting as well as getting a fair amount of the supports and a board up. It was a long day but it was great seeing the space starting to come together. We did have another little surprise that day in the form of our catalogues, posters and flyers arriving. Finally getting them was such a relief after what seemed like weeks of not seeing any designs and such. We have had a small detail in getting them out but that is my mission next week!

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    3rd year students preparing for the degree show in Portsmouth, opening on the 31st of may, 5 - 8pm, Eldon Building,...
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