Featured Photographer - Mark Hilton

Each week Show is aiming to feature one photographer who will be taking part in the graduate show of BA (Hons) Photography students of University of Portsmouth . The course allows any genre of photography to be undertaken so it promises to be a diverse exhibition. 

This weeks feature is Mark Hilton

I may have bitten off more than I can chew with this one but hopefully it’ll work out…

At the end of last year I came across the Ilford Harman Direct Positive paper which allows you to shoot directly onto it, such as in a 5x4 camera or it can be used to create photograms. Around the same time I visited the Seduced by Art exhibition at the National Gallery which featured a large image of Richard Learoyd’s work. His images are created using a large camera obscura with a lens, which is exposed directly onto the paper, making one off prints. The detail was incredible and I have been inspired to do a similar project, to achieve unique photographs through a homemade camera.

I will be building my own 20x16” camera that will allow me to shoot directly onto the paper, to shoot portraits. Here I’ll post the progress so you can see the way in which I’m constructing it.”

I’m aware that most of you will already know about Mark and his project after all it’s pretty impressive what he is achieving but you may not be aware of the process. Be sure to pop along to his blog and see it develop from the start.



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