Tate Modern at Night, London

I love the Tate Modern, the building itself is intriguing to walk around and the art work is generally wonderful depending on what you like. On our walk along the Thames we got to the Tate Modern after it was closed but through their lighting it brought attention to areas that normally blend in with the surrounds.

Old Vic Tunnels, London

I finally found the Old Vic Tunnels of London. They are like nothing I’ve seen before and I really enjoyed walking through them, seeing the different kind of people who were attracted there. A few artists were working along one section of the tunnels. I love seeing all artists at work, its great seeing someone’s vision come to life. How they create something that they original saw only in their mind.

Southbank to Embankment to Westminster, London

I took my boyfriend to London for his birthday, we were staying right by the Tower of London so one evening we decided to take a walk along the river Thames. These are a few of the images I took that night. I tried to play with some simplistic shapes as I’d been reading an article in Amateur Photography about photography in cities. They had suggested creating abstract imagery and London at night provides the ideal environment thanks to the various architecture and constant light source.

Shoreditch, London

I love old posters on walls. They’ve become a part of a series that I’ve been meaning to pick up since I started it during my first year of my photography degree. The series is called ‘You had to be there’ and looks at event posers after they have occurred and how unimportant they become, slowing decaying.

If you look close you’ll see a piece featured by the fantastic Portsmouth street artist My Dog Sighs.

The beautiful Stansted House had their annual garden show two weekends ago, I went along wit my other half to spend a lovely few hours in the sun playing with cameras. One advantage of my ‘day’ job is that I often get to borrow camera equipment, Olympus have kindly lent us a lot of kit and I took along the Olympus OM-D E-M1 with the 12-40 f2.8. We’ve only recently started keeping the brand back in store and its always been an interesting relationship, some products we love while others we hate. When I heard we were getting the loan kit I knew I had to use it and the Garden Show provided the perfect setting, a small yet powerful camera that would allow me to capture images without too much attention. 

My opinion on the camera is very love and hate, I hated the menu system. Nothing seemed to make sense and I found myself googling how to do turn on auto-preview, this was sign of the complex nature for me as I’ve worked in a camera shop for 5 years and general know how to find most things or at least what name to look out for. It became quite frustrating and would take quite a bit of time to learn, particular if I was going between other brands. However I can’t fault the image quality, I was very impressed with how the images turned out and felt that they rivalled my full frame camera. The raw files allowed me to have a lot of data to work with, whether I was reclaiming shadow detail or reframing images through cropping. I’m undecided as I would like one of these cameras, I can’t fault the photographic quality but felt that the working may be more hard work that necessary. 

Anyway, here are some of my images from Stansted House Garden Show 2014. There will be more to follow.

Last weekend marked the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings and Portsmouth remembered it in style! 4 days of events occurred over the weekend, luckily for me the Red Arrows display took place on my day off work. Rather than heading into the city to Southsea I headed up Portsdown Hill to The Churchillian pub which has the most wonderful view across the city providing the perfect stage to watch them. Obviously I had to take my camera along and here are some of the photographs.


Abandoned house VA

Flicking through VSCO grid for inspiration and I find this photographer. The photographs are beautiful and I’m very jealous of the locations they’ve been to.